The village of Capoliveri

Capoliveri is situated in a strategic position overlooking, on one side, the gulf of Porto Azzurro and, on the other, the Stella gulf with the evocative view of Mount Capanne that can already be seen halfway up.
It is a town that dominates a good part of Elba from above, surrounded by beautiful beaches that are partly equipped and partly still natural, and that lives above all in the afternoon and evening with a flow of people that fills the bars, small stores, restaurants and pubs among the streets and small squares of the town.
For the last ten years or so Capoliveri has become famous not only for the sea but also for the most beautiful Bike Park on Elba, which attracts many enthusiasts all year round and is home to the Legend Cup and twice the Mountain Bike World Championships.

The beaches of Capoliveri

All around Capoliveri is a coastline full of bays and small beaches, mostly sandy, especially suitable for children. Most are equipped with establishments of various sizes, small bars or restaurants to give you as much comfort as possible. But there are along the Seagull Coast several small beaches completely free from human intervention where Nature will fill your soul.

the beaches closest to the residence

  • Madonna delle Grazie Beach
    This is the closest beach to the residence only 400 meters away, sand and pebbles, which preserves intact the characteristics of the island territory. Particularly fascinating is the seabed, rich in rocks, ravines, marine fauna and flora, suitable for snorkeling enthusiasts.
  • Morcone Beach
    lapped by a green and transparent sea, ideal for diving on the left side of the residence. The beach consists of sand and small pebbles and features various sports activities such as windsurfing, diving, water skiing as well as boat rentals.
  • Pareti Beach
    Facing the impalpable outline of Corsica, behind it Mount Calamita, this stretch of sandy beach enjoys a striking view of Capo di Stella and the southwest coast of the island. The beach opens onto a wide horizon where the setting sun offers a unique spectacle.
  • Innamorata Beach
    The last free handkerchief of coastline before the start of the state-owned mining compendium, this splendid iron sand cove is very popular for the clarity of the seabed, especially near the Gemini islands, which can also be accessed simply by swimming.
  • Cannello Beach
    One of the most beautiful in mining Elba, Cannello beach is dominated by a landscape deeply marked by mining activity. The beach, popular with boaters and flanked by other small beaches, consists of pebbles with alternating black and white hues.
  • Barabarca Beach
    Made of sand and pebbles, this is a wonderful beach with a very clear seabed and full of dense vegetation that is reflected in the sea.
  • Zuccale Beach
    Stunning sandy cove enveloped by a blanket of Mediterranean scrub that descends to lap the sea.
  • Lido Beach
    Easily accessible from the provincial road that connects Portoferraio to Porto Azzurro, even at peak times, the sandy beach is well organized in terms of tourist reception and catering services.
  • Felciaio Beach
    Set in a landscape that is still intact, this wonderful sand-and-pebble cove is appreciated for its quietness. Because of the particular shape of the rocks that surround it, it feels like being in a real natural swimming pool.