The Island of Elba

Just 10 km from the mainland, with an area of 224 sq. km, Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago and the third largest of the Italian islands. For several years it has been part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park along with Pianosa, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio, Gorgona and Giannutri.

The climate is particularly mild with an annual temperature between 15° and 16°; seasonal averages are 10° in winter, 14° in spring, 23° in summer and 17° in autumn.

Monthly sea temperatures are April 19°, May 20°.2, June 24°.1, July 26°.8, August 27°.3, September 25°.5 and October 23°.1. Because of the variety of its coastline (which has a development of 147 km.), the amenity of the beaches, and the majestic beauty of the Mt. Huts mountain range (Mt. 1019), it has rightly become one of the world-renowned centers of tourist attraction.

The main road network (about 160 km) is completely paved. Other scenic macadam roads exist for about 80 km.

Inhabited already in prehistoric times and known for its iron mines at the dawn of the Historic Era, Elba, called by the Ligurians "Ilva," by the Greeks "Aethalia," first Ligurian, then Greek, then Etruscan, remained Roman for centuries.

Napoleon's brief reign (1814-1815, 9 months and 23 days) left significant memories in the Palazzina dei Mulini, the villa of S. Martino, the ancient churches of Portoferraio, Marciana Alta (Madonna del Monte) and other locations.

Administratively, Elba is divided into eight municipalities: Portoferraio, Campo nell'Elba, Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina and Rio nell'Elba.

The famous wines and excellent cuisine, combined with the unspoiled sea, mild climate and clear air, make Elba an ideal resort, stay and tourism destination in all seasons.

How to get to Elba Island

The island of Elba can be reached by embarking at Piombino Marittima, where four shipping companies (Toremar, Moby, Corsica Ferries and Blu Navy) have comfortable ferries that run multi-day trips.
A single hour's sail covers the approximately 10 kilometers separating the island from the mainland, reaching the ports of Portoferraio (the main one), Cavo and Rio Marina.
Alternatively, there is a fast hydrofoil connection, for passenger transport only, which reaches Portoferraio and Cavo in just 35 minutes.

  • By car:
    From the North: From Milan A1 highway take the A15 at Parma Ovest to join the A12 Genova-Livorno highway, exit at Rosignano, continue on the S.S. Aurelia to Venturina-Isola d'Elba and from there to Piombino Marittima.

    From the Northeast: A1 Bologna-Florence-Pisa-Livorno highway: at Rosignano, continue on the S.S. Aurelia to Venturina-Isola d'Elba and from there to Piombino Marittima.
    Alternatively, the S.G.C. Firenze-Pisa-Livorno: exit at Firenze Scandicci and follow the S.S. to Collesalvetti, rejoin the highway to Rosignano Marittimo, take the freeway to Venturina-Isola d'Elba and from there to Piombino Marittima.

    From the South: Highway A12 Rome-Grosseto: S.S. Aurelia exit Venturina-Isola d'Elba, continue to Piombino Marittima.
  • By plane:
    The island of Elba is connected to the mainland by various flights during the summer period. The airport is located in La Pila, approx. 14 km from our hotel.
  • By train:
    The arrival station for ferry embarkation is Piombino Marittima (for train schedules see ).

To get around the Island
We also provide contact information for the cab station and ATL, a public transport company that connects all the main hamlets on the island with each other.
- Cab station: Portoferraio, Calata Italia - Molo Massimo - tel. 0565 915112
- ATL 0565 914392 / 0565 914783 (see bus schedules ).

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Relaxation and hospitality on Elba Island

The location is optimal for a vacation marked by complete relaxation, we offer our guests a swimming pool with a whirlpool equipped with all amenities and a tennis court for the more sporty.